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General Terms and Conditions

Instructions and definitions is a website owned by Guidavacanze sas.  whose head office is in Cles, Via C.A.Martini. Guidavacanze figures as an intermediary between the owner/manager/ landlord of the properties shown on the website and the client/tenant/lessee.All the information on the website, the descriptions of the properties, and the photographs are supplied by the owners. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, even partly, any contents found on the website
The definitions of the conditions are as follows: is the website owned by Guidavacanze sas.
Lessee or tenant or client is the person who wishes to rent an apartment – chalet – or house from those available on the website.
Joint tenant is a person who lives in the property, when it forms part of a complex with more than one unit.
The owner is the person who legally owns the house or property shown on the website and has given Guidavacanze sas the right to manage the prpoerty until such time that is rented to a tenant.
The client is the person who rents the property from the website.

Prices and Services
The prices shown for each house/apartment/chalet are daily and for a period of minimum 7 days including the day of arrival and departure. Unless otherwise stated, the price includes all utility charges (elecricity, water and gas). During the winter season central heating charges are also included. During other times of the year (eg. May, September or October) a supplementary charge of 7 euros a day may be requested.
Other additional costs will be shown seperately in particular, the cleaning at the end of the stay, the deposit and where applicable any local taxes.

Modifications or changes to prices and services
The descriptions of the properties are made taking into account all possible details. It is possible that sometimes, for reasons beyond our control some modifications have to be made. If these changes are major and the client has already made a booking based on the information previously given, it is possible to cancel the booking with no extra charge or to request another possibility.

Method of booking and confirmation
A booking can be made on-line through our website, going through 3 easy steps, or by telephone or alternatively by e-mailing us at
If your preferred choice is the website, by inserting the date of arrival and departure on the homepage you will immediately find the properties available for the desired period. A search can also be made by selecting a location or a theme of interest. Once a property has been chosen you can find a detailed description and the relative cost for the period chosen. By clicking on ‘Book’ you will find the payment page which must be completed, and the confirmation of your booking will arrive via e-mail.
The confirmation of the booking, sent to you by Guidavacanze will contain all the details needed for your stay plus all the details relative to the client for example, address, telephone number and e-mail address. If any of these details are inncorrect or missing please let Guidavacanze know immediately in order to assure a smooth running of the booking and to avoid any eventual problems.

Methods of payment

A deposit of 30% of the final amount will be requested at the time of booking which can be paid either by credit card or by means of Pay pal. The balance should be paid within 20 days from the beginning of the let. For bookings made 20 days or less from the arrival the full amount must be paid.

Deposit and extra costs
On arrival a deposit will be requested (the amount can be found on the website and will depend on the time of year). Before departure the owner or manager will check the apartment and if no anomalies or damage is found, the whole amount of the deposit will be reimbursed. Also on arrival any extra costs plus the cleaning fee (or any supplement for domestic animals) will be requested.

Arrivals and departures
The house/apartment/chalet will be consigned to the client between the hours of 3p.m. and 6.p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.a.m. on the day of departure. If the client wishes to arrive outside the time stipulated he or she must contact Guidavacanze to arrange a time and place in order that the keys can be consigned. There may be a charge for this service.

Rights and obligations of the client/tenant
The client or tenant should at all times behave in a correct manner and use the property in accordance with the instructions given by Guidavacanze and also in accordance with local regulations.  The client is responsible for any damage to the property.  In case of damage the client must notify immediately Guidavacanze or the owner.  The cost of any eventual repairs (after verification) will be reimbursed to the owner or manager. The occupancy of the property should be for the number of people agreed at the time of booking. Any difference must be arranged with Guidavacanze prior to occupation and must not for any reason exceed the number of spaces available in the property.
At the end of the occupancy the house/apartment/chalet must be left in order and all objects should be prelaced to where they were found. All the crockery and cutlery should be put back in the correct place and the kitchen (gas hob, oven and sink) must be left clean. The cleaning of the kitchen must be carried out by the client and is not included in the money deposited on arrival for the cleaning. The beds must not be used without bed-linen (sheets, pillowcases etc)
Clients must not be the cause of any disturbance in the environment during their occupancy.

Every apartment/house/chalet has been carefully selected by Guidavacanze, who in turn guarantee the accuracy of all information given.  It is deemed acceptable a margin of 10% with regard to the size of the living space and to the information regarding distances. On request the client can be supplied with a profile regarding services, equipment, installation systems and any activities and local events taking place during their stay
In case of wishing to make a complaint the client must promptly inform either the owner or the manager or Guidavacanze so that the problem can be solved and dealt with as quickly as possible.
The client must, however give Guidavacanze the possibility to find an adequate solution based on the complaint. If the client transfers to other acomodation of his own accord Guidavacanze is no longer obliged to give compensation for any inconvenience or damage incurred.


Guidavacanze will not be held responsible for any loss or damage  during the clients occupancy for example: power cuts or the malfunctioning of the electrical system, defective technical systems, the lack of a forewarning of changes to street access due to force majeure or other reasons beyond our control. Once again it is necessary to contact the owner or Guidavacanze immediately in order to find an alternative solution.
Guidavacanze is responsible solely for damage attributed to negligence or fault.
Cancellation or changes on the part of the Client:
The client may cancel the booking by contacting Guidavacanze IN WRITING.
On receiving the communication the cancellation fee will be given and are as follows:
Cancellation up to 30 days prior poses a charge of 30,00 Euros (regardless of the rent)  from 29 to 21 days 10% will be charged, from 20 to 14 days 30%, from 13 days to 4 days 50%, from 3 days up to the date of arrival 80% and for a no-show 100%.

Authorisation for the use of data
On acceptance of these conditions the Client authorises Guidavacanze to make use of personal data for commercial use. (D.Lgs. 196/2003)

Tribunal in charge
For any controversy deriving from the contract The Tribunal of Trento will be used.