•  Who is Dolomiteshome?
Dolomiteshome, is a section of the travel agency Guidavacanze, that offer holidays rentals in North Italy, Dolomites and Garda Lake. Dolomiteshome rents chalets, villas and apartments.

•  How can I contact Dolomiteshome?
You can contact Dolomiteshome by Phone 0039 0463 423002, fax 0039 0463 424510, mobile phone 0039 335 564 2758 or email

•  How can I send a complaint?
If you have a complaint about our services or about your stay, you can express your complaint via e-mail to or by phone to 0039 0463 423002. If you have a complaint on the spot, we will do our best to solve it during your stay. Please contact Dolomiteshome SOS number 0039 335 564 2758.


•  How do I make a booking?
Online: you just have to follow the 3 easy steps, choose your period, choose the holiday home you prefer, and finally clic Book
Via telephone: You can make a reservation over the phone by calling the 0039 0463 423002
Email: write to Please write us name, surname, address, mobile phone of one person; name and surname of  your travel companions.

•  How do I see which holiday homes are still available?

When you are searching online, only available holiday homes are displayed. Specify a month and/or length of stay of your choice in order to see the available accommodations for that period.

• Is it only possible to book from Saturday to Saturday? Is there a possibility of different arrival and departure travel dates?
In the peak season from mid-June until late August, and also in other high-demand holiday periods, the arrival and departure travel dates are generally from Saturday to Saturday. In off-peak seasons, the arrival and departure dates are more flexible. However, if you are wanting to book a stay with different arrival/departure dates or for a shorter period than the week, for such request you can send us an email to or contact us by phone to 0039 0463 423002.

•  How many days in advance can I book?

You can book online at least 7 days before your arrival, last minute booking must be made via telephone or e-mail.

•  What do I receive after completed my booking?
After you have booked online you will receive an online confirmation.
After a phone booking or email booking you will receive an email confirmation.
Both rental agreement tells you when you need to make the first payment. After your balance is received by Dolomiteshome, you will receive your accommodation voucher with the address information of the holiday home through e-mail.

•  When I book online, how do I know for sure that my booking has been received?
As soon as you finish the booking process, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. Your booking number is listed on this. We recommend you to print this page and to retain it. If you do not receive a confirmation from us, please contact the

•  How can I change something in my reservation?
You can make several small adjustments, like the number of accompanying persons or pets or add bed linen rental or adjust the period of stay or change the accommodation. For any change please contact
You may be charged € 20,00 for significant changes.

•  Can I first visit the house before I make a final reservation?
It is possible to visit a holiday home in advance. Contact us at, in order to make an appointment with the home owner. You will get a confirmation of the appointment with the address information of the holiday home sent to you via e-mail.

•  Do you offer holiday homes which are accessible to guests with reduced mobility?
Dolomiteshome offers information about the accessibility of its holiday homes as specific as possible. Down the advanced search options you can select specific features, such as an adapted toilet, broadened passages or an elevator. On the accommodation page these features are described in more detail. This way, you can judge for yourself whether a holiday home is suitable for you and your travel companions.


•  How do I make a payment?
Directly after booking you have access to the  page of payment.

•  What are my payment options?
You can pay by creditcard or by bank transfer.

•    Is the processing of payments secure?

Yes. All payments are processed through encrypted connections like HTTPS.  

•  To which bank details do I transfer the booking payments?
Our Bank detail are as following:.
IBAN : IT63 D081 6347 1600 0006 0312 154                  

•    My payment is not received in time. Will my booking be cancelled?
If your payment process failed your booking will be cancelled. Please contact us immediately per email at or by phone at 0039 0463 423002.

•  Can I also pay the booking on site?
Sorry, but this is not possible. The rental price must be paid in advance. A deposit of 30% of the final amount will be requested at the time of booking. The balance should be paid within 20 days from the arrival.
Upon arrival you will pay, as indicated on your booking confirmation and accommodation voucher, the security deposit, the final cleaning and the optional costs on site (bed linen – pets - etc ).

•    Is the price valid per person or per week?
The price you will see on the left side of the webpage is the price for the whole trip, duration and the number of persons travelling you have entered.


•    What basic facilities come with the property and what do I have to bring myself?
As a general rule, holiday accommodation is equipped with sufficient cutlery, pots, simple cooking utensils and at least two hobs, so that you can be independently accommodated. Specific kitchen items such as a salad drainer, blender, coffee maker, egg cooker, microwave, oven etc, and other condiments such as toilet paper or cleaning materials are not part of the basic facilities provided and if required, you have to purchase them yourself, unless they are mentioned in the property`s description.
Holiday accommodation is equipped with pillows and blankets. Bed sheets, towels and tea towels need to be brought along yourself, unless otherwise stated. Is possible to rent bed linen on the spot with a surcharge, but only if requested before arrival.

•    What should I do if I have a problems with my accommodation?
In order to aim for a quick solution, please contact our customer support team at Dolomiteshome SOS number 0039 335 5642758 and we will try to resolve your problem with you.

•  Where is the holiday home located exactly?

After the full rental price has been paid, you will receive an accommodation voucher. The exact address and the coordinates of the holiday home are listed there.

•  Is there someone present in the holiday home upon arrival and departure?

In  your accommodation voucher there will be written where you can receive the keys of your holiday Home. There are three options:
1. The home owner/manager will bring the key to the accommodation and meet you on site.
2. On your accommodation voucher you will find the address of the meeting point with the owner/manager where you can pick up the key.
3. You will get the keys at our Guidavacanze’s office in Cles, via C.A. Martini 1.
The same applies to departure, unless you have made different agreements on site.

•  What do I do if no one is present upon arrival?
On your accommodation voucher you will find our contact information and the arrival times. Call Dolomiteshome SOS number 0039 335 5642758 if they are not present within the listed arrival times.

•  Can I arrive/depart at a different date or time?
Arrival or departure at a different date or time is only possible after agreement with the homeowner or location manager. In some cases, you may be charged additional costs. A request to arrive or depart at a different time may be submitted to the

•  Why must I pay a security deposit upon arrival?
You pay a security deposit as a guarantee when you arrive for a  possible damage. When you cause damage the homeowner or location manager will withhold the cost from the deposit.

•  When do I get my deposit back?
At the end of your stay, after the homeowner or location manager have checked the house, you will get direct in cash your deposit back. If you leave before the inspection of the holidays home you will get back the scurity deposit with a bank transfer. Please inform in advance Dolomiteshome via email to or with the SOS number 0039 335 5642758

•  Who is responsible in case of damage?
As tenant, you are liable for any damage caused to the property. Any damage should be reported to the homeowner or location manager immediately and to Dolomiteshome to SOS number 0039 335 5642758

•    Are guests allowed to bring pets with them to their accommodation?

This is different for each individual accommodation and you can check it in the “Rules & Information” tab of the home you are interested in.


•  How can I cancel my booking?
If you need to cancel your booking for circumstantial reasons, contact us at or phone us at 0039 0463 423002. Keep your booking number.
There are costs associated with cancellation. The amount of the payment depends on the date on which you cancel
Cancellation policy: till 30 days before arrival 0%; from 29 to 21 days 10%; from 20 to 14 days 30%; from 13 to 4 days 50%; from 3 days till the day of the arrival 80%. No show: 100%.
The cancellation conditions will be sent to you direcly after booking via e-mail.